Contact Pals is the administration company for Birdingpal.
We make private all the Pal's email addresses, we maintain
the website and we database the messages.

A passphrase gives access to our service for a year,
keeps private your email address and verifies your
identity through Paypal.com the payment processor
for ebay.com.

Pals may be contacted only for the purposes of
Birdingpal.org and only a few copies of the same
message can be sent to more than one Pal.

Contact Pals cooperates with foreign authorities and
does not guarantee secrecy of message content.
History of meeting dates and places are kept also.
No credit card info is seen or stored.
Every effort is made to keep private all personal info.
Access to our system may be denied at anytime.
This is a service to facilitate communication for the
purpose of arranging to meet new people.

Contacting a Pal is like writing to a new potential friend
asking if they would like to meet. Expected is
courtesy, mutual respect and friendliness. When you contact
a Pal you should have some patience. It is not always
possible for a Pal to respond right away No one
travels more than Pals.

Join the fun. Happy birding.